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TimeCountry / StateSource
12:42 AM Czechialink
12:30 AM Belgiumlink
12:13 AM Germanylink
11:43 PM Indialink
11:03 PM North Carolinalink
11:02 PM Kentuckylink
11:02 PM Oklahomalink
11:01 PM Kansaslink
11:00 PM Iowalink
10:59 PM North Dakotalink
10:57 PM District of Columbialink
10:52 PM Venezuelalink
10:49 PM Japanlink
10:48 PM Nebraskalink
10:47 PM Wyominglink
10:47 PM Massachusettslink
10:45 PM New Hampshirelink
10:44 PM Delawarelink
10:44 PM Michiganlink
10:44 PM Bolivialink
The times as mentioned in the above table are in Eastern Time (ET)

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