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TimeCountry / StateSource
9:13 PM Bulgarialink
7:43 PM South Korealink
6:28 PM Northern Mariana Islandslink
6:26 PM Washingtonlink
6:24 PM Coloradolink
6:20 PM Idaholink
6:19 PM US Virgin Islandslink
6:15 PM Oregonlink
6:13 PM Bahrainlink
6:06 PM New Mexicolink
6:06 PM Nebraskalink
5:43 PM New Yorklink
5:41 PM Mexicolink
5:38 PM Eritrealink
5:37 PM Barbadoslink
5:17 PM Ivory Coastlink
5:02 PM North Dakotalink
4:57 PM Rwandalink
4:55 PM Costa Ricalink
4:55 PM Arkansaslink
The times as mentioned in the above table are in Eastern Time (ET)

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